Los Angeles Day Two!

ASAP Main Stage Backdrop

So here we are, day two in beatafull downtown LA. Hollywood actually but whos counting. I got a ‘Tap’ card, which is the LA version of a Fast Pass, seven days for $2, less than parking and gas would cost to drive to the ASCAP event every day.

The bus stop was only about a block from the hotel so no big deal. I said ‘good morning’ to the driver as I got aboard the bus, it took him by suprise so I guess being polite hasn’t reached southern California yet… The bus ride was only about 5 blocks, then I transferred to the Metro line, the Los Angeles subway/train system. The train was a little behind schedule but no big deal. The ride to the venue was only about 10 minutes. I like using public transit, you meet really odd people and you don’t have to look for parking.

The ASCAP Expo is being held at the Loews Hollywood Hotel, right in the heart of tourista-ville. Michael Jackson was there, one of the Harlem Globetrotters, several Batmen (all in various levels of decay) and a Spider Man who looked like his web had snapped. Ah, the magic of the movies!!

I went in to the hotel, got lost, found myself (right where I had left me) and then picked up my ID badge and lanyard. I also got my swag bag. It is a nifty little thing, just big enough to hold a laptop but flimsy enough for said computer to shatter to a billion pieces when dropped. I’ll give it to my daughter, I love her…

There were tons of events to go to, and it was hard to figure out what to do first. I ended up going to the opening speech, given by Paul Williams. Williams wrote ‘We’ve Only Just Begun’ and other top hit songs. His presentation was great and was a promising start to the expo.

I then went on to forum of song writers titled ‘Anatomy of a hit song’ there was lots of interesting information, but the main take-a-way was to be true to your point of view and use a web site to find rhymes. The next one was a sales pitch by one of the sponsors, selling their web design service. Even the sales presentation was a little useful so that was cool.

I went to lunch and had a $3.00 ham sandwich that cost $9.00. Great to be in Tinsel Town, where even the crappy food is a star…

The afternoon was more great events and chatting with other attendees. I would have stayed for the afternoon social events but my back was feeling shreded ( I have spondylothesis) so I went back to the hotel to lay down.

Well, that’s about it for now, that’s the life of a rock-n-roller for ya…


Los Angeles: Day One


I am in Los Angeles for the ASCAP ‘I Create Music’ Expo. I write music and work for a music management company so I had to leave my happy haunts of northern California and wander down to LaLaLand. I am in town through Sunday.

I will post some updates on the Expo and food experiences here and let everyone know how things go.

I am staying at a hotel on Sunset, it was the closest place available for under $100 a night…the place is OK, but the good news is there is a lot of Thai restaurants in the area.

Back again, this time for good…

So I got super busy with stuff and my little blogging stuff fell by the wayside. I was in New York managing an ice rink for the holiday season. Lot’s of fun but I am sure glad to be back in the SF/Bay Area.

I will be posting more laser cutting projects, some cooking things and maybe some of the music projects I have been working on. I will also post a few notes on my New York experiences.

Thanks everyone for reading, I hope we all get to have a great 2014 without too much drama.


Creativity isn’t dead! It is just on life support…

I love to work with my hands and make things. They might be ugly, perhaps beautiful but they are hand-made. I am finding that more and more people are amazed that I can create something on my own. They just can’t see themselves ever doing that themselves.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are a LOT of creative people out there. What I a referring to in the title of this post is the fact that creativity has become more of a special thing rather than the commonplace. I like to go to estate auctions. At every auction of an older home there is a stack of sheet music and a piano or organ. Pianos used to be seen as a necessary part of the home, like a television today. Now they are seen as bulky items that are meant for the scrap yard.

The aim of this blog is to share things I do with other people in the world, learn from them and keep the idea of creativity as something for everyone. I hope you join me on my journey as I try new things and talk you into stretch your boundaries too.