Fun with Lasers: Another Project

Packard and Duesenberg magnets, cut from 1/8" birch plywood.

Packard and Duesenberg magnets, cut from 1/8″ birch plywood.

I did a show in Auburn, Indiana once at a flea market held during their big car show and auction week. I did some laser cut car models and other trinkets, but wanted something more. It had to be easy to do, grab the eye and not take up a lot of space in someone’s bag.

I had already been doing the Train Magnets, so I decided to do some Antique Car Badge Magnets. I didn’t want to run the risk of copyright infringement with current manufacturers, so I avoided Ford, Chevrolet, etc. The photo shows a couple of the magnets, I did a few other out-of-business badges. They all sold well.

I downloaded the badge images from the internet and traced them on COREL Draw. If you haven’t used COREL before, it is a standard program in sign shops and laser engraving companies.


Tracing in COREL is pretty easy, you just use the pencil tool to draw around the original piece, then using the shape tool you adjust your lines until they match the actual piece you are copying. There are lots of tutorials on YouTube for node editing with the shape tool. I prefer doing traces by hand versus using the trace tool in COREL, the trace tool just doesn’t do that good a job when you want to make a useable drawing.

Thanks for checking this out, as always if you want more info or the original files (if I have them) just drop me a line.


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