Great Lakes Weather Station

Laser Cut Weather Station, made from 1/8" birch plywood. Hand Painted.

Laser Cut Weather Station, made from 1/8″ birch plywood. Hand Painted.

I designed this Weather Station for a company in Fort Wayne, IN. I found out they went out of business so I thought I would share it here on my page. The weather station has a Thermometer, Hygrometer and Barometer. I don’t remember where they got the pieces but there are plenty of suppliers online. (I think they came from a California supplier.)

The map is in a 3-D layout, the lakes are designed with layers to give the feeling of depth. I built a box in the back to allow for the depth, it also makes room for the weather station parts to fit. You can see with the one element removed that I had holes in the back of the box. This allowed for humidity and temperature changes to be accurately read.

The piece was cut on a 100 watt Epilog laser. The material is 1/8″ Baltic Birch plywood. The lake inserts are hand painted and the surface with the text is lacquered in a matte finish to bring out the wood grain.

I designed the border of the piece to have a sort of ‘Television’ shape. I wanted the piece to have a mid-century feel. I really like Art Deco and Mid-Century so those two themes tend to show up in a lot of my designs.

I don’t know if I have the original laser designs still, but if I do anyone is welcome to have them, just ask.


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