The Laser Cut Bird House


Hi again! So I have worked with laser engravers for a long time. I got started because a friend opened a trophy shop and needed help to figure out how to run the machines and do layouts, etc. As with anything, you start to learn more and more about what you can do with a device the longer you work with it.

I started making boxes a few years ago, just simple clamshell pieces that could hold pens and desk junk. Then I started playing with decorations on the surface, making them look like they had basket-weave tops, etc. The next step was to make more complicated pieces. That is how I got to the bird house.

This is made with 1/8″ thick birch plywood and is cut out on an Epilog laser. I put details in such as shingles, siding and window frames that could be painted. The bottom of the house has tiny holes to allow for drainage. Everything snaps together with tabs and then you can glue it up and paint it however you like. I gave a few of these away and then sold some at craft shows.

If you like this and want to make one just drop me a line and I will send you the CorelDraw file.



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