Something completly not related to this blog…

fd9a2c29-35ee-4275-8346-db6d6b05fa70_630_pizza_babyI saw this article today:

It is quite moving to see a little person made happy by the simplest thing that we probably never give a second thought: a slice of pizza.

The words ‘Childhood’ and ‘Cancer’ should never be in the same sentence, let alone side by side. Kids should be worried about coloring inside the lines and blowing up balloons…not this sort of stuff.

I would like everyone out there to please make a donation for cancer research for every pizza they buy. If you get a slice for $2.00 then donate $2.00, a whole pie for $10 than donate $10.00. If we can do that for a year there would be a lot of money raised. There are about 3 Billion pizzas eaten each year in the United States.

What a delicious way to do good!!


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